Asus positioned to win UK online laptop market

Asus is the brand best positioned to win in the UK’s growing online laptop market.

An analysis from Clavis Insight has found that Asus outranked its competition in five key metrics.

The vendor managed to beat the likes of Apple, Acer, MSI and HP in categories including product availability, keyword search, image presence as well as achieving higher ratings and reviews.

Clavis Insight’s claim was substantiated by a combination of key performance indicators and how those factor into consumers’ purchasing habits

In an increasingly competitive market, this analysis has found that Asus has successfully positioned itself going forward when it comes to online sales.

It is predicted that by 2020, over 40 per cent of total laptop sales will be made online, showing just how positive a position Asus finds itself in.

Additional information provided by the same study shows that Apple ranked the highest in regards to customer reviews, averaging a score of 4.6 out of five across all online retailers and that HP had the highest keyword return, but its low availability despite its online visibility has overall let it down.

In addition, MSI had a particular high ranking for its content despite being a much smaller and niche brand.

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