Building the intelligent business: the need to be digital at the core

A new breed of business is already out there. These organisations have embedded data and technology in everything they do and at every stage of the value chain. And they’re getting amazing results. Why? Because they’re constantly unlocking new information and intelligence that keeps them ahead of the game.Born-digital businesses like Netflix, Amazon, Google and Baidu have never had a digital strategy. Their strategy is digital. It’s a crucial distinction.These companies have completely internalised the power of data and technology. What does that give them? Two core strengths: they can meet – and predict – new liquid customer expectations in real time. And they consistently meet or exceed shareholder expectations for agility, efficiency and continuous reinvention.


Intelligent business: the time is now

These are Intelligent Businesses. And they’re the model that all other organisations will follow. There are a number of powerful forces behind this imperative. The first is the breathtaking speed of technology change. This is powered simultaneously by enormous increases in processing power and rapidly declining technology costs.The compounded doubling effect of Moore’s Law has reached a point of inflection in recent years, which is giving rise to incredible annual advances in computing power. And that’s setting the stage for the Second Machine Age, one in which new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality and hugely powerful analytics engines are not just feasible but increasingly ubiquitous.At the same time, ever-lower barriers to entry in all industries – thanks to advances like the cloud and rapidly declining technology costs – mean that new competition can come from anywhere at any time, forcing the pace of innovation. Asus Helpline Number






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